About Michelle


My name is Dr. J. Michelle Vann. As a native Kansan, I come from a rich heritage of community service that has been the pride and hallmark of my family for generations. I am very passionate about the future of our great state, and I want to share my strong desire for the success of Kansas with you. 

I believe that Kansas would benefit from the creation of a fair, balanced tax structure, one that would serve the needs of all Kansans, while encouraging entrepreneurial opportunities that will increase business growth in our communities. A well-funded educational plan is essential to the development of future entrepreneurs and community leaders. Therefore, I believe it is vital for Kansas legislation to ensure that adequate, equitable funding is in place, that will serve the needs and development of all Kansas students in all Kansas schools. Our youth, as well as our seniors, deserve to live their lives to the fullest. Therefore, we must have a health care system in Kansas that will make affordable, accessible health care available to all. 

As a fellow Kansan, I want to work with you and for you in developing solutions that will enhance our greatness and encourage our success. Together, we will meet our challenges and make our state a home of growth and prosperity. Together, we will keep Kansas strong for future generations.

Dr. J. Michelle VANN

for Kansas State Senate District 31

Passionate - Professional - Leadership

"Changing the Game Plan"